10 Creative DIY Table Ideas & New Arrivals 6-14-17

Don't forget that this isn't a complete list of everything we've had in the shop this week! To see every item we've received, check out our New Arrivals page on the Phantastic Phinds website! The captions below each image link directly to that items page on our website. If you have any question or would like to purchase an item please give us a call at

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Today we're going to be going over some ideas for creative DIY tables and work surfaces. Most of these items can be found here at Phantastic Phinds or your in garage, attic, or basement. Then browse a few of our new Phinds and then continue to more cool redo ideas.

1.) Cast iron sewing machine bases are very easy to turn into tables. We usually have a base or a repurposed table in stock at all times, in fact we have one now. You can see it by clicking here. All you need to do is loose that old machine and attach the surface of your choice.

This slab of wood is my favorite.

You can even paint the base your favorite color. Just grab some spray paint or Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

This one utilizes an old wooden sign(could be recently painted) for a great old look.

2.) Old printers trays have many uses but they make excellent coffee tables, all you need are some legs and a piece of glass to cover it. 

Paint everything white and fill with shells for a beach house table that will wow your guests. 
Or don't paint and still wow your guests!

Don't have a shore home? They make great play tables that double as toy organizers. 

3.) We usually have an old milk or two hanging around the store. They're really easy to make into a great indoor or outdoor table / plant stand.

You can either paint the can or leave it alone. I love the combination of paint and natural wood on this one.

Or just paint the whole thing.

Or paint the top 

Or don't paint anything and use a rustic top!

Even this industrial look works great indoors!

4.) As the regular readers may know suitcases have may uses and make great tables. 

Steal some legs from a boring old side table and drill them onto your suitcase and you have a great table with great storage. 

You can stack a bunch of different suitcases for a unique table base.

Old hairpin style legs look great and are very easy to attach too.

This one utilizes a trunk in stead, I think those are old mid century couch legs. 





5.) We don't sell records but we usually have an old table that could use a new top. Why not make a cool vinyl record table?

This black painted tripod pedestal base table looks amazing with a vinyl record top. 

Even this black metal stand looks great!

6.) Have an old busted drum that's lost is sound? Find a glass top and make it a table.

This one has drum stick shaped legs too but it's not necessary.

7.) As you may know there are  many uses for old doors and we can barely keep in them in stock long enough to hit the web. So here are some more creative ideas for upcycling those old doors. 

We're going to start simple. Just attach legs to your door and you're done.

If you have a glass pane door you can paint the underside to add some color to your home

Old saw horses make phantastic legs for a door table.

Keep that old paint and cover it up with a large piece of glass.

Wall paper the recessed areas and inlay some glass.

Or add your own funky color to match your decor.

8.) Pickup your favorite color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and paint some old tires for a great patio coffee table!

9.) Use an old pail with a wooden top for a side table with extra storage.

10.) Take some old books and glue them together in a stack for a table that will impress any bookworm. 

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