21 Ways to Reuse Old Window Frame Sashes

We love to reuse old items, especially ones that have so much life left in them after they have been done serving their original purpose. Below is a list of 21 ways to reuse old window frame sashes. 

Comment below if you have a new way to reuse these great salvage items.

1. Picture Frame: Hang as is and add several pictures or just one

2. Room Divider: Group several together and add fabric

3. Coffee or Side Table: Add 4 post legs, paint or leave glass clear

4. Headboard: Use one or two and hang above your bed

5. Mirror: Take the glass out & add mirror (your local glass co. can do it for around $40)

6. Garden Fence: Add several around the boarder of your garden

7. Green House: Make walls & roof using hinges for a winter garden (google for instructions)

8. Wedding Seating Charts: Use liquid pen to write names & numbers on the glass

9. Chicken Solarium: Yup, we said chickens. One of our customers used dozens to warm her flock

10. Chalkboard: Paint over the glass with chalkboard paint

11. Artwork: Add fabric, pictures, words or just about anything for an inspired look

12. Porch Sun Blocker: Hang (where the sun pokes through) & drape with sunbrella fabric.

13. Memo Board: Add cork squares and  VIOLA

14. Seed Starter: Make a seedling starter box buy laying window frames over your garden frames

15. Jewelry Organizer: Add hooks to the top treads of each pane

16. Room Enlarger: Add window frames to either side of furniture to make the walls look wider

17. Hat or Key Rack: Add hooks along the bottom & hang near the door - looks great with mirror in it too.

18. Decorative Wall Display: Add anything at all or go simple with a wreath like above.

19. Shadow Box or Display Shelf: Make a frame; add window with hinge for displaying items safely under the glass or leave open and use as a display shelf

20. Herb Green House: Google for How-To Instructions

21. Window: Last but not least use as a replacement window

Although you can find old window frames curb side (which we recommend to keep these beauties from going into landfills), but you have trouble finding them and NEED to start your window frame project right away - we usually have a good stock in the store. Check out the Architectural Page of the site to see what we currently have, email, call or stop by.



  1. Great Ideas! My husband is a carpenter and just brought home about 13 of these frames! Can't wait to have some fun!

  2. Great ideas! Saw these on Pinterest. =)

  3. Love these ideas. I have an old door inset window hanging over my fireplace. Love the idea of hanging a wreath over it!

  4. wonderful!! I used several to make a gate for my garden arbor and then had fun with my daughter painting on them ;)

  5. I've made several old windows into "stained glass" pieces


  6. Great ideas! I used three tall windows, took out the glass & replaced with fabric and batting to create a headboard. Turned out great!

  7. These are great ideas! I can't wait to find some old windows...

  8. My DH brought some home this last summer, what a treat. I want him to add a box behind them so I can store my large thread cones in them, up on the wall.

  9. One idea that might fall under the category of art, but is still another idea-
    Make a mural of some sort that makes it look like you're actually looking out a window (not just random artwork) and put the window frame over it. You can even hang curtains to match the rest of the room if you desire.
    If you're doing a kid's room or you just feel like being zainy, you can paint the frame silver, turn it so the long way is sideways, put it over a mural of space, and vhala, you're on a spaceship.
    I hope this helps.

  10. A neighbor has a small four pane hanging in a tree between two large branches. So simple and so pretty! WE found a few larger windows behind our garage in our "new" home. Score!

  11. Score is right!!! Have fun with them! ~Angela Phantastic Phinds

  12. I could seriously look at these for hours. We threw away some windows a year ago... before my creative eye came to life - I am KICKING myself!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  13. These are great ideas, I love old windows and have collected them and now have some ideas.

  14. I have always loved old windows and have collected some, these are some great ideas for me and I am hoping there will be more.

  15. I saw a small window (4 panes) used a a wall hanging. It had different pieces of jewelry adhered to the glass. Doe anyone know what type of glue to use to attach the jewelry to the glass? This was beautiful and was a memorial to someone who had passed away, and the jewelry had belonged to her.

  16. How did you make the headboard? I love that idea!

  17. Great ideas. Be careful if lead... its important to test them, if they are old.

  18. I am confident you've got a great enthusiast following there.
    SD Window Pros

  19. No one mentions the screens from these windows!
    I've used them just wired together at one end to make a triangular piece. I've placed them in my gardens to shade delicate plants (Japanese maples) from the incessant, S. Maryland sun. Lost my shade to a tornado, so without these screens, I'd have lost lovely beauties dependent upon me for survival. Without the screens, I wouldn't have been able to do that.

  20. I love shutters because they are so versatile. We've got some at our cottage, in front of our furnace and hot water heater to help hide them. Now I'm looking for some to use as accents in our house. Anxious to see this when you're finished.
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  21. I have about 25 windows and I don't know how to paint designs on them. Is there patterns you can buy to use to paint them.


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